Heating Assistance



Ninth District Opportunity's Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program assists qualifying households with a one-time payment to their primary cooling vendor.


April 1, 2024:
Households where all applicants are 65 or older - OR - medically homebound (unable to leave their home due to medical reasons) may contact the scheduling system listed below for an appointment beginning on April 1, 2024 at 8:30am.

May 1, 2024:
If funds remain, all income eligible households may contact the scheduling system listed below for an appointment beginning on May 1, 2024 at 8:30am.

*Only arrive at your scheduled appointment date and time to drop off documents, as we are not allowing walk-ins and locations may be closed at other times.

*At this time we will not be operating LIHWAP (Low Income Home Water Assistance Program) again.

A minimum of the following items will be required to verify eligibility for this type of assistance:

* Verification of all household income for every person living in the home for the past 30 days. PLEASE BRING ALL DOCUMENTATION BECAUSE WE ARE NO LONGER ABLE TO OBTAIN INFORMATION FOR YOU.
* Social Security Cards for every person living in the household
* A recent cooling bill with the service address and account number printed on it
* A recent heating bill for residence verification
* Verification of U.S. citizenship (Drivers' License)

Appointment Telephone Line*
(855) 636-3108

Web Scheduler*


* Telephone lines and internet scheduling will not be active until April 1st at 8:30am
and no appointments will be provided in any way prior to the opening date of the program.

  1. Program funding is allocated on a county-by-county basis. Any applicant who schedules an appointment for a county other than that in which they reside WILL NOT be assisted.
  2. Ninth District Opportunity, Inc. CANNOT obtain any of the required documents on your behalf.  Please be prepared with the required documentation or assistance will be delayed until you provide the necessary verification.
  3. An appointment for energy assistance DOES NOT guarantee processing or payment.  Approvals will be made when and if customer eligibilty is determined and funds are received from the State.
  4. Appointments are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  5. Each household may receive assistance ONE TIME PER YEAR.
  6. In order to prevent scheduling conflicts, all applicants are asked to provide their full legal name when requesting an appointment. Nicknames, initials and abbreviated names may result in delayed appointments.

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